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    The advent of extra-slim Sb2O3 could get your products more valuable.
    The "HUAYU" extra-alim Sb2O3 has principal elements over 99.70%and white degree over 96.5, with long-term stable quality. Compare with other same kind products, we also have two advantages:
    1) The particle length
    The particle length is a very important aspect of quality. The average length of Sb2O3 is around 0.70-0.80 , while ours reach about 0.40-0.60, together with small scope of diameter. The range of size distribution is narrow, which affects the materials' physical performance little. So products are well received by clients. 2) The white degree
    The white degree constitutes another important indication of quality. As natural color could be effected by white degree, many customers treat Sb2O3 as color material.
    The HUAYU Sb2O3 has stable white degree over 95, while the same kind products around only at the level of 96.5. This index is reflection of material ingredients and the way of operating. The high-class material of refined Sb2O3 is acquired in our own mineral hill, the quality is reliable and supply is atable. Meanwhile the advanced production line has brought higher white degree in products.
    The high content, slim diameter, white coloring, well compatibility is available in anticombustion agent as below.
    (1) The better effect of combustion prevention
    It could reduce 10-20% consumption of such agent compared to the general Sb2O3 (0 grade).
    (2) Slim diameter, wider spread, well compatibility is conductive to great effect on every function of plastic.
    (3) Pure coloring,higher white composition, lead to get better color effect on the associated especially on the natural color material.
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