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service guarantee

1) We provide you all kinds of ready-made antimony products. We well send goods to the customers at any time whatever they are new, existing, old or young. Festivals and holidays are also available.

2) Related samples and information could be sent to you upon your request without any charge.

3) Delivery could be taken place on the date of receiving your order on Sb 2 O 3 , for other items, it could be done within seven days by your order.

4) Any economic losses or damages arising from the quality lower than what we have confirmed will be charge by our side.

5) Package: two kinds of packets at option. One is lined with polyester plastic bag and covered by glass fiber coated plastic bag, another is lined with polyester plastic bag and covered by paper one. Each bag has net weight of 25 kilograms.

6) Quality follow-up: Each package marks lot number which could trace out the original material, blending material used in workshop, the employee on duty, worker for packing, product ingredients inspector, product analyzing documents.

7) Antimony production could be customer-made with specific size or special use.

8) To bring you high quality products and excellent service is our persistent goal.

Based on sincerity, promises will be kept.

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